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Blood Pressure 911 Review – (Scam or Legit)? Can Active Ingredients Reduce Blood Pressure Level Naturally?

PhytAge Labs’ Blood Pressure 911 is a cardiovascular health supplement.

The pill promises to naturally decrease your blood pressure by using a Japanese farmer’s secret. You may potentially promote healthy blood pressure without medicine by taking two capsules of PhytAge Labs Blood Pressure 911 supplement every day.

Blood sugar and blood pressure have long been two of the supplement industry’s primary emphasis areas. Blood sugar and blood pressure formulations have expanded rapidly in the United States during the last decade. These formulae have a natural attraction, and understanding why needs just a rudimentary grasp of established blood pressure/sugar therapy. Blood pressure medications may be life-saving for those who have major blood pressure difficulties, but they can cause lightheadedness, sleepiness, and other dangerous adverse effects. Supplements provide a fantastic opportunity. Some supplements may deliver all of the advantages of blood pressure balance without the adverse effects associated with standard drugs if you use the proper mix.

Blood Pressure 911 is a popular product offered by PhytAge Labs, a major supplement distributor. PhytAge Labs is a well-known brand in the supplement industry. The firm has developed a variety of formulae, all of which are linked by the common objective of combating the most severe indications of aging. Our research always begins with a thorough examination of the business behind a supplement, and we are pleased to begin our study by stating that Blood Pressure 911 is made in an FDA-registered facility by the highly regarded PhytAge Labs.

In terms of the formula itself, Blood Pressure 911 provides many key advantages. According to the product website, this supplement may help avoid hypertension, enhance blood sugar levels, and “bolster cardiovascular health.” Isn’t it fantastic? However, the final test of whether or not any supplement is worth the money is based on realities rather than claims. We designed this guide to assist consumers in delving deep into the pertinent details behind this innovative new supplement. We’ll guide readers through the science, inventors, and advantages of Blood Pressure 911.

So, how does Blood Pressure 911 function? What is included inside Blood Pressure 911? In this review, you’ll learn all you need to know about this nutritional supplement.

What exactly is Blood Pressure 911?

Blood Pressure 911 is a dietary supplement that promises to maintain healthy blood pressure levels by using vitamins, minerals, and other natural substances.

Taking Blood Pressure 911 on a regular basis is said to assist improved cardiovascular health, healthier blood pressure, and decrease hypertension, among other things.

The supplement also promises to target low-density lipoprotein (LDL) levels, energy levels, blood sugar levels, and other cardiovascular health metrics.

Blood Pressure 911 employs a “Japanese farmer’s secret” and other components to attain these results. This mysterious substance is said to naturally reduce blood pressure. After having a stroke during his granddaughter’s baptism, the creator of Blood Pressure 911 found the component, which led him to invent a means to decrease blood pressure without depending on the medicine provided by his doctor.

Naturally, you should be suspicious when a supplement promises to help you lessen your need on medicine. High blood pressure is a severe medical problem, and you should follow your doctor’s recommendations while dealing with it.

With that in mind, let’s look at how Blood Pressure 911 works.

What Is the Process of Blood Pressure 911?

Blood Pressure 911 promises to promote healthy blood pressure levels by combining vitamins, minerals, herbal extracts, plant components, and other substances.

Among the natural constituents in Blood Pressure 911 are olive leaf extract, green tea extract, garlic, and juniper berry. Blood Pressure 911’s creators say that by combining these substances, they have produced a mixture that supports cardiovascular health in a variety of ways.

According to the official website, Blood Pressure 911 may give the following advantages:

  • Assist in lowering hypertension
  • Assist in maintaining a healthy blood pressure
  • Promote overall cardiovascular health
  • Assist in lowering harmful (LDL) cholesterol levels
  • Assist in restoring energy levels
  • Assist in overcoming the negative effects of blood pressure medications
  • Assist in the control of blood sugar levels

Blood Pressure 911 cannot promise to decrease blood pressure, lower cholesterol, or enhance cardiovascular health according to FDA rules. These advantages can only be advertised by medications. PhytAge Labs, on the other hand, seems to be certain that their mix may assist support your heart health in a variety of ways.

Doctors often advise patients to reduce their blood pressure via diet and exercise. Most people’s blood pressure will be reduced by a combination of a nutritious diet, frequent exercise, and other lifestyle adjustments. Doctors may advise patients to take blood pressure medication as they wait for their blood pressure to decline. Although this medicine has adverse effects, it is preferable than having a heart attack or stroke.

Blood Pressure 911 is marketed by PhytAge Labs as an alternative: simply taking two capsules of Blood Pressure 911 everyday, you may allegedly experience the results described above.

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Ingredients for Blood Pressure 911

Blood Pressure 911 reveals the whole component list up front, albeit the company does not reveal the exact dose of the majority of active substances. We know how much vitamins and minerals are in Blood Pressure 911, but we don’t know how much hawthorn, garlic, olive leaf, hibiscus flower, juniper berry, or other substances are in it.

According to the official website, the following are the components in Blood Pressure 911 and how they work:

Hawthorne Leaf & Flower Extract: The first component included in the Blood Pressure 911 unique recipe is hawthorne. According to research, it is high in antioxidants such as quercetin, which may help with heart health in a variety of ways.

Garlic bulb: Garlic has been used for ages to promote heart health. Some individuals now use garlic extract pills on a regular basis to help with blood pressure or heart health. According to certain research, garlic may help with cardiovascular health. Garlic is one of the supplement’s most potent components, appearing as the second stated ingredient in the Blood Pressure 911 unique mix.

Olive Leaf Extract: Olive leaf extract is high in plant-based antioxidants, which may give some little support for heart health. Although it is not the same as olive oil (which is derived from olive fruits), olive leaf extract has been connected to a number of health advantages.

Hibiscus Flower: Hibiscus flower is typically used as a tea. According to research, hibiscus flower may contain adaptogenic characteristics, which assist your body protect itself against physical and emotional pressures.

Buchu Leaf: PhytAge Labs promotes Buchu Leaf as the Japanese farmer’s secret. Buchu possesses anti-inflammatory qualities that are natural. It has also been shown to be an antioxidant, antibacterial, and antifungal agent. Buchu, according to PhytAge Labs, is great for those who wish to “naturally decrease their blood pressure.”

Juniper Berry: For ages, Juniper Berry has been used to treat high blood pressure and general cardiovascular health. According to current research, juniper berry is high in plant-based antioxidants that may benefit cardiovascular health.

Green Tea Leaf: The most researched component in Blood Pressure 911 is green tea leaf. Numerous studies have backed up the benefits of green tea leaf for cardiovascular health, weight reduction, and general health and fitness. Green tea leaf extract is high in an antioxidant known as EGCG. According to research, this antioxidant is associated to critical impacts, and many individuals drink green tea on a regular basis to reap these alleged advantages.

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Ingredients Label for Blood Pressure 911

PhytAge Labs provides the whole list of components up front, but we don’t know the doses. All of the components in Blood Pressure 911 are listed below:

  • 60mg vitamin C (67 percent DV)
  • 2.5mg niacin (16 percent DV)
  • 5mg vitamin B6 (294 percent DV)
  • 100mcg folate (25 percent DV)
  • 100 micrograms of vitamin B12 (4,167 percent DV)

620mg of a proprietary blend that includes hawthorne leaf and flower, garlic bulb, olive leaf, hibiscus flower, buchu leaf, juniper berry, and green tea leaf.

Gelatin (from bovine or cow origins), microcrystalline cellulose, vegetable magnesium stearate, and silicon dioxide are among the other constituents (as binders, fillers, and preservatives).

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911 Blood Pressure 911 Scientific Evidence

Although it is quite evident on the official PhytAge Laboratories website that they extensively test all of their formulae internally as well as through independent third party labs, PhytAge Labs does not claim to test its supplements in a third party lab. To yet, the corporation hasn’t produced any peer-reviewed study that backs up its claims.

Ed Corcoran, the guy behind Blood Pressure 911, was astounded by the benefits of the components in the product, but he refused to disclose his study on those substances online or in a peer-reviewed publication, making it impossible to assess his findings.

There are, however, several studies on the chemicals in Blood Pressure 911, including specific research relating those substances to a variety of advantages.

Vitamin B12 is the most visible element in Blood Pressure 911. The vitamin B12 content of Blood Pressure 911 is 4,167 percent of your daily value (DV). That seems to be a hefty amount (and it is), but your body excretes the majority of surplus vitamin B12 via your urine. Each serving may only absorb a specific quantity of vitamin B12. Vitamin B12 is associated with cellular energy generation. If you don’t receive enough vitamin B12, your body has trouble producing adequate physical and mental energy. Many vegans and vegetarians are lacking in vitamin B12 since there are no plant-based sources, resulting in poor energy levels unless they take a vitamin B12 supplement.

The other vitamins in Blood Pressure 911 have a lower potency. Blood Pressure 911 has lower levels of vitamin C, niacin, and other nutrients. When taken on a regular basis, these vitamins are essential for health and wellbeing, albeit they are unlikely to have a substantial influence on health at the dosages specified in Blood Pressure 911.

Hawthorne is the first component mentioned in Blood Pressure 911, which indicates there is more hawthorn extract in the unique mix than any other ingredient. According to Mount Sinai, hawthorn has been used to treat heart disease since the first century. According to current research, hawthorn is high in antioxidants, especially oligomeric procyanidins (OPCs), which are the same antioxidants found in grapes. Hawthorn includes quercetin as well. According to research, hawthorne may give modest support for blood pressure through antioxidants, yet it is unlikely to be as effective as blood pressure medicine.

Olive leaf extract is included in Blood Pressure 911 to help with cardiovascular health. In this 2008 study, researchers administered rats 500mg to 1,000mg of olive leaf extract and found a significant improvement in cardiovascular health. After consuming olive leaf extract for eight weeks, researchers discovered that rats had lower blood pressure and cholesterol levels. Although the quantity of olive leaf extract in Blood Pressure 911 is significantly smaller than the amount used in this research, the modest amount of olive leaf extract in Blood Pressure 911 may improve cardiovascular health in a variety of ways.

Many people equate heart health with olive oil, the Mediterranean diet, and the olive tree. Researchers examined the impact of olive leaf extract on heart health in this 2016 study. The researchers supplied a supplement containing 140mg of olive leaf extract to 60 individuals with high blood pressure on a daily basis. Researchers reported considerably decreased blood pressure after 6 weeks of treatment. That’s excellent news for Blood Pressure 911, which looks to contain a comparable amount of olive leaf extract to the amount utilized in this research.

PhytAge Labs makes a great fuss about using buchu, which they promote as a Japanese farmer’s secret. Although buchu seems like it might be from Japan, it is really from South Africa, where it has been used as medicine for generations. Buchu has been used as a traditional medicine for generations, but no of these applications have been substantiated by current research. There is minimal evidence that buchu can have a major influence on blood pressure.

Garlic extract is included in Blood Pressure 911. Garlic is one of the most well-studied natural substances for maintaining appropriate blood pressure levels. Garlic has been shown in studies to increase your body’s synthesis of nitric oxide, a chemical linked to larger blood arteries. Garlic may help maintain healthy blood pressure by increasing NO levels in the body. Several studies have verified the use of garlic extract to promote healthy blood pressure, and it has been used for millennia for this purpose.

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Blood Pressure 911 offers a healthy dosage of numerous herbal extracts and vitamins associated with blood pressure support. Although you may find stronger doses and more powerful effects by taking a garlic extract supplement, an olive leaf extract supplement, and similar supplements – it is difficult to get all of these beneficial superfood nutrients and extracts in a single dose – it is possible that these vitamins and herbal extracts can support blood pressure in an optimal way. That is where the entourage effect of PhytAge Labs’ Blood Pressure 911 really distinguishes itself from a throng of individual component supplements.

Pricing for Blood Pressure 911

Blood Pressure 911 costs $69.95 a bottle, however when purchased in bulk, the price reduces to $40 per bottle.

Here’s how the pricing works at’s online store:

  • 1 Bottle: $69.95
  • 2 Bottles for $119.90
  • 4 bottles for $199.80
  • 6 bottles for $239.70

Shipping to the United States is included in all pricing.

Each container of Blood Pressure 911 has 60 pills (60 doses) (60 servings). To maintain cardiovascular health, you take one to two capsules of Blood Pressure 911 daily.

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Refund Policy for Blood Pressure 911

Blood Pressure 911 is backed by PhytAge Labs’ 90-day money-back guarantee. Even if your bottles are empty, you may claim a refund.

You have 90 days from the date of purchase to seek a full refund. If you are dissatisfied with the results of Blood Pressure 911, or if you did not noticeably lower your blood pressure after using the supplement, you are entitled to a full refund.

The Last Word

Natural components are used in Blood Pressure 911 to improve cardiovascular health. To promote healthy blood pressure, the supplement includes garlic extract, olive leaf extract, and other components. You can supposedly provide your body the antioxidants and other chemicals it needs for cardiovascular health by taking one or two capsules of Blood Pressure 911 daily.

If you’re thinking about purchasing one or more bottles of Blood Pressure 911, now might be a good time to take the plunge and see how it works for you, given the risk-free nature of the money-back guarantee and refund policy from the long-standing PhytAge Labs company. It would have been prudent to advise you not to input your credit card information until you have read this guide, but now that you have, what is left to cover?

The official product website says that by taking Blood Pressure 911 regularly and following all directions for usage, consumers may improve their blood pressure while even mending “existing damage” in the body.

This supplement’s main constituents include vitamin C, vitamin B6, niacin, and vitamin B12. As we discussed in the preceding sections, all of these components have been demonstrated to assist some individuals reduce their blood pressure without causing any severe adverse effects. The supplement contains solely natural herbal constituents, and scientific evidence has typically backed the claimed benefits of these vitamins and minerals. This recipe, like other PhytAge Lab supplements, is created in the United States with the highest purity and “the best quality ingredients” possible.

Blood pressure may be a major medical issue. If you or someone you know is experiencing high blood pressure, you should see a doctor right once. However, some individuals have already received permission from their doctor to begin using supplements. If this describes you, the data shows that Blood Pressure 911 would be a good place to start.

Blood Pressure 911 costs $69 per bottle and comes with a 90-day money-back guarantee.

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